Good News Corps Overseas Volunteer

Exchange My Youth for Their Hearts

In 2002, the Good News Corps (GNC) began under the slogan of ‘Exchange my youth for their hearts’ and dispatched 14 overseas volunteers to 10 countries, Now, between 400~600 volunteers are dispatched to 84 countries every year. College students spend a year with the local people, learning the mottos of IYF: Challenge, Change and Cohesion. They also act as civilian diplomats, introducing the Korean culture.

Main Programs

01 Educational Service
Academy classes such as taekwondo, music, computer, dance, mind lectures, and etc.
02 Community Service
Environmental preservation ‘Clean Campaign’, Volunteer service for local residents and community
03 Cultural Diplomacy
Teaching Korean Culture (Korean traditional clothing, Korean cuisine, traditional games), Korean language class, local World Culture Camp
04 Mission Work
Moneyless witnessing trips, youth counselling activities
05 Civilian Diplomacy
Leader’s Forum, Special Guest Lectures