IYF Benin Center Built for the Youth

In 2013, President Thomas Yani Boni visited the IYF Benin World Camp and was impressed by the IYF Founder, who worked for the youth of Benin. After the meeting, the President decided to support the initiatives of IYF at the government level.
To gain full support from the government of Benin for IYF to be more actively involved in Benin’s youth education.
In February, 2015, the IYF Founder and officials were invited by the Benin government. They were offered 24.5 acres of land near Contonu and finished constructing the IYF center in February of 2016. Moreover, IYF signed an MOU with Benin’s Ministry of Health to eliminate Buruli ulcer, one of the three major tropical diseases in West Africa. The ‘New Nation Medical Center’ on the 1st floor of IYF center opened up and started treating patients.