Active Support by the Minister of Youth

In 2014, Swaziland Minister of Youth, DAVID MADE NGCAMPHALALA, attended the 4th Minister of Youth World Forum.
Mind education for Swazi youth was selected as the key initiative in the “2022 National Project” by the King of Swaziland. IYF and the government of Swaziland agreed to collaborate on mind education for the youth.
On January 20th, 2015, IYF officials were invited by the government of Swaziland. They have conducted mind education programs at the National University of Swaziland with the help of the Ministry of Youth. In April, 400 teachers attended the mind education program in Swazi Central High School.

“We will witness miracles.”
- Secretary General of the Teachers’ Association, Muzi Mhlanga

“We have discovered a new world.”
- Representative of the Teachers’ Association, Nelisie Mavuso